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Animal Studies
companion animals
'The little dog lost at sea' - The Week
The Ethical Dog: Scientific American
What Your Dog's Thinking - Guess what: When he slobbers all over your face, that's not love
Video of Animal Abuse Prompts Raid of Pet Supplier | User Submitted
Netflix: Mine
Dog’s Anglican communion leaves tongues wagging | Holy Post | National Post
Rabid Bali Dogs Kill 78 at Tourist Hotspot - Island dangerously short of vaccine
Dog Facts | Random Facts
20 Moments In Strange Pet Walking
Unleashed: Dog that changed Alabama cruelty laws dies - A blog for animal lovers on pets, dogs, cats, shelters and animal rescue - baltimoresun.com
The Danish craze that has growing numbers of animal lovers hopping on the bandwagon | Mail Online
From the Photo Desk
Dogs Distinguish Growls « Pet Project
'Pet Hoarding' Surges in US
Stuck Camel Saved by Oregon Firefighters
research animals
The Unraveling of Homogeny § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews
In U.S., Few Alternatives To Testing On Animals - washingtonpost.com
Son-Of-A-Bitch Mouse Solves Maze Researchers Spent Months Building | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Monkeys Fattened Up to Study Human Obesity - NYTimes.com
farm animals
Dan Barber's foie gras parable | Video on TED.com
BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Livestock bugs 'surviving longer'
Factory Farming | Farm Sanctuary
Obama Caves in to Agribusiness
English school kids vote to slaughter lamb they raised from birth
Presentation_David.pdf (application/pdf Object)
EUROPA - Animal Health & Welfare - Animal Welfare - International
Choices Article - Animal Welfare
Just In Case You Think It's Okay to Eat Eggs, Even "Cage-Free"... // Current
Rotten eggs, stampeded rain forests, and more | Grist
News | Breaking News | Feedstuffs
FASS Science Policy » animal welfare
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, a New Documentary from Tribe of Heart, the Award-winning filmmakers of The Witness
frontline: modern meat | PBS
UEP adds to animal welfare guidelines | News | Breaking News | Feedstuffs
'Peace' Chickens Developed to Avoid Farm Cannibalism
The Meatrix Films
A return to low-stress cattle herding | freep.com | Detroit Free Press
WashingtonView » Blog Archive » Animal Welfare Should be Based on Science, Experience
Andrew Purvis on chicken farming | Life and style | Observer Food Monthly
Is Meat Murder? For These Students, the Question Is Personal - Buildings & Grounds - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Chagall in Postville | Jewcy.com
Animal Advocates Surpass NRA In Political Influence - Forbes.com
Animal Factory - A dramatic exposé of factory farms and the devastating impact they have on human health, the environment, and the economy
Enviropig - Commercialization & Regulatory | University of Guelph
The United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog: Tenth Circuit Upholds Lower Court Ruling in OK v. Tyson Case
Organic Eggs Don't Always Come From Happy Chickens | Sustainable Food | Change.org
One sick chicken | Grist
Florence mosque defaced with bacon - WMBFNews.com | Myrtle Beach/Florence, SC | News, Weather, Sports
Fear of a Vegetarian Planet: Why the Beef Industry Is Freaked Out By a Kids’ Contest | BNET
Fantastic Portraits of Farm Animals - My Modern Metropolis
BBC News - New Zealand mourns Shrek the sheep
food and diet
Critical review of 'eating animals'
A Film That Will Change Hearts and Save Lives--And How You Can Help | Animals | Change.org
For Foer, Meat Is Murder ... And Worse : NPR
food ethics as ethical imperialism?
TV chef dropped for cat recipe comments - CNN.com
Scientists grow bacon from stem cells | MNN - Mother Nature Network
The 'Veggie' Option: As Bad as Mystery Meat - Food - The Atlantic
The Cultured Meat Blog
philosophy bites: Jeff McMahan on Vegetarianism
Veganism and Eating Disorders Are Sometimes Linked: Vegans Can Hide Anorexia, Bulimia
YouTube - Eating Animals
Vegetarianism is not contrary to Arab culture | Joseph Mayton | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Food For Thought: Meat-Based Diet Made Us Smarter : NPR
2010-05-25-Veganism.png (PNG Image, 850x282 pixels)
Organic Eggs: Study Says They're Not Healthier Than Regular Eggs
James E. McWilliams - Vegetarianism is a major step for environmental change - washingtonpost.com
frontline: diet wars | PBS
Food industry dictates nutrition policy - CNN.com
All We Can Eat - Q&A: David Kirby, author of 'Animal Factory'
Food - Salon.com
Why Big Ag Won't Feed the World - The Atlantic Food Channel
If only poor people understood nutrition! | The Fat Nutritionist
Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food | Video on TED.com
Just Food / The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com
BOOK REVIEW: Just Food by James E. McWilliams | Inhabitat
Seven Food Products Banned in Europe Still Available in the U.S. - DivineCaroline
Rats Starve Rather Than Eat Healthy Food - CBS News
Save the Planet: Eat Peanut Butter and Jelly - Food - The Atlantic
The War Over America's Lunch - TIME
Why Whole Foods’ shoppers are thin and Albertsons’ aren’t | Grist
Beyond Vegetarianism--Raw Food, Vegan, Fruitarian, Paleo Diets
Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity — Home
Healthy School Food Leads to Better Behavior for One District
6 Die: Family Food Consumption... By Country
Food Environment Atlas
Princeton Researchers Say High-Fructose Corn Syrup Causes Obesity Much More Than Sugar
Soon, We'll Have to Grow Meat in Vats: Scientists - Brave new measures may be needed to feed population
The True Cost of a Cheeseburger
The Ethics of Eating, by Peter Singer
The Ethicurean: Chew the right thing.
Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food Control - Reason Magazine
In Praise of Processed Food | The Atlantic Wire
Eating Meat OK if It's Farmed Right - New book changes George Monbiot's mind
Is PETA Butter full of ... vegans? | Grist
Should We Kill Off the Carnivores? | The Atlantic Wire
It's Not Just America: Halal 'Outrage' in the UK - James Fallows - Politics - The Atlantic
Hamburgers are the new heroin [VIDEO] | Grist
Federal Court Strikes Down Ohio Ban on "rBGH Free" Milk Label | Sustainable Food | Change.org
KFC Ads on Rears Rile Women's Groups
Behind the Chicken Goop: The Truth and Science of Chicken Nuggets
Only Rich Will Eat Beef in 2050 - Production costs could make it the 'caviar of the future'
Consider the Lobster: 2000s Archive : gourmet.com
Animal Ethics: Roger Scruton on the Duty to Eat Meat
Dead But Not Forgotten: 12 Incredible Creatures That Went Extinct | Design + Ideas
Human Preference For Other Species Could Determine Whether They Survive
World is off-track on biodiversity goals: U.N.: Scientific American
What Are Species Worth? Putting a Price on Biodiversity by Richard Conniff : Yale Environment 360
wild animals
Picture Perfect: Phony wildlife photography warps nature and is rarely revealed
CU researchers propose rewilding
Animal of the day - For animal lovers
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Eagle Cam - MyOutdoorTV.com
Two Harbors Nest
Coyote Crossing - Chris Clarke - Coyote Crossing
Hulu - Expedition Wild: Expedition Grizzly - Watch the full episode now.
The love that daren't squawk its name: When animals come out of the closet - Science, News - The Independent
YouTube - HOME (English with subtitles)
Moms in the wild
U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits - NYTimes.com
Basics - Nut? What Nut? The Squirrel Outwits to Survive - NYTimes.com
Independent Lens . MILKING THE RHINO | PBS
Top Ten Issues Facing the National Parks -- National Geographic
Animal pictures of the week: 26 February 2010 - Telegraph
World Wildlife News
Yellowstone's Bears Hungry, Bloodthirsty - You might want to reconsider feeding the bears
Drunk Baboons Ravage Suburbia - Marauders plague South Africa vineyards
NYC Dims Lights for Migrating Birds - Feathered friends confused by the light, scientists believe
Dive-Bombing Bird Stops Mail in Canadian Town | User Submitted
Duck family for a walk :: Interesting pics,interesting photos of nature, funny pictures,funny animals pictures
Nature Valley & the National Parks - National Geographic
Friends of Animals | Neither Hunting Nor Pharma Control Is Right For Deer
The Impact of Wolf Hunting Much Greater than Commonly Assumed : TreeHugger
Predators: A Response - NYTimes.com
Good News from Uganda: Animal Populations Soaring in National Parks Thanks to Anti-Poaching Efforts : TreeHugger
Yale Environment 360: Video Captures Massive Haul-Out of Walruses as Summer Ice Retreats
Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research
animals in entertainment, fur, etc
Nutria Rat Could Provide Sustainable Fur; Fashion World Listening
China accused of Skinning Animals Alive for Fur | User Submitted
Bull Charges the Stands, Injures 40 - Rampage in same region of Spain that hosts Running of the Bulls
Animals | Change.org
AnimalIntel's reviews - StumbleUpon
Animals & Society Institute
Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) | 
New York Post Chimp Cartoon Compares Stimulus Author To Dead Primate
Jane Goodall on what separates us from the apes | Video on TED.com
Op-Ed Contributor - Something Wild - NYTimes.com
WNYC - Radiolab » Fu Manchu
Baby gorilla pictured 'relaxing' in human-like pose - Telegraph
YouTube - Natural World - Clever Monkeys (Part 1/6)
Orangutan 'Language' Deciphered
What Chimpanzee Warfare Reveals About Humans | The Atlantic Wire
Chimpanzees found making sex toys | MNN - Mother Nature Network
On the Differences Between Chimps and Humans | WBUR and NPR - On Point with Tom Ashbrook
animal law
L.A. Unleashed | Supreme Court to hear case on dog-fighting and freedom of speech | Los Angeles Times
Switzerland to vote on appointing lawyers for abused pets - Telegraph
Swiss Referendum Sunday May Establish - WSJ.com
Great-gran is tagged ... for selling a goldfish: The madness of Broken Britain | The Sun |News
YouTube - Facing Animals (1 of 11)
ASPCA | U.S. Senate Passes Crush Act Amendment
PA Director of Homeland Security: Environmentalists are Terrorists, But Timothy McVeigh is Not »
sharktopus.png (PNG Image, 650x750 pixels)
YouTube - Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side - Episode Six Preview - BBC One
animal pain and suffering
Whales Suffer Like Humans - Biologists cite studies as case against whaling
Consider the Lobster: 2000s Archive : gourmet.com
animal intelligence and behavior
Good Dog, Smart Dog - NYTimes.com
TED - The Amazing Intelligence Of Crows
12 artsy animals that paint | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Rats Laugh When You Tickle Them -- Daily Intel
BBC News - Clever New Caledonian crows can use three tools
philosophy bites: Paul Snowdon on Persons and Animals
Ethology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Amazing Bird Fishes Like A Human - Pogpog
Three arguments for the consciousness of cephalopods
StumbleVideo - The Intelligence of Our Cousins
Dog on Acid – Picselate
Scientists say dolphins should be treated as 'non-human persons' // Current
Consider the Lobster: 2000s Archive : gourmet.com
Crows and parrots – brainy birds, but in different ways | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine
anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism
Giant Squid: Lazy Blob, Not Monster
xkcd: Desert Island
Amazon.com: A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement…
Abandoned Comic: Hamster Atonement - The Oatmeal
animals as symbols
Animal Documentary | Animal Treatment Society | Informative Movie With EARTHLINGS
Political Animals (Yes, Animals) - New York Times
Antennae The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture
Web Site of Boria Sax
Rhino City Planned in Sudan
Animal Proportions 4 - Worth1000 Contests
Creepy Egyptian Cheese Ads Explain Geopolitics | The Atlantic Wire
MADness | Department of Medieval Studies
Creepy Egyptian Cheese Ads Explain Geopolitics | The Atlantic Wire
Mosh pit paintings by Dan Witz - Boing Boing
Sir Nutalot - Worth1000 Contests
Crass Menagerie | Futility Closet
animals in captivity
11 Tigers Starve to Death in China Zoo
Minister calls for zoos to be closed - Telegraph
Looking at gorillas through crazy-colored glasses | Grist
Beijing Zoo Visitors Taste the Animals on Display | Animals | Change.org
"Zoo Story:" A tale of two alphas - Laura Miller - Salon.com
Plastic toy draws Timmy the tortoise out of his shell | Environment | guardian.co.uk
YouTube - On Keeping Wild and Exotic Animals in Captivity
Taiwan zoo fined after birth of ligers | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Panda's Death Threatens China-Japan Relations; Xing Xing Died After Anesthesia
rights v welfare, and ethics generally
Animal-Rights-vs-Animal-Welfare.gif (GIF Image, 636x333 pixels)
Animal Rights Concerns
Animal Liberation at 30 - The New York Review of Books
StumbleUpon.com: SU: Animal Welfare
Animal Rights Theory and Utilitarianism
Animal Rights History: Timeline of Quotes - Historical Literature Library Against Cruelty to Animals
Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
Tierethik – Animal Ethics
Like Chimps, Whales and Dolphins Found to Possess Qualities of Personhood | Blue Living Ideas
A Feeling of Weirdness
Divers capture smiling pilot whale on camera - Telegraph
Divers capture smiling pilot whale on camera - Telegraph
Detailed Discussion of Dolphins Under the MMPA
Sea World trainer killed: Shamu Believe show resumes with standing ovation - OrlandoSentinel.com
Killer Whale Death at SeaWorld Sparks Renewed Call to Free Captive Orcas
Biologists: Killer whales 'neurotic' in captivity - CNN.com
Norwalk Reflector | Front | After human deaths, which animals die and which live?
Dolphin cognitive abilities raise ethical questions, says Emory neuroscientist
Oscar Winners Try to Keep Whale Off Sushi Plates - NYTimes.com
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Whale chief mulls ending hunt ban
Killer Whale Attack That Killed Dawn Brancheau Was SeaWorld's Fault, Former Safety Chief Linda Simons Claims
Dolphin Blood Doesn't Stain The Cove —So Far - Dolphins were herded but then set free
Banksy Turns Kiddie Ride Into Anti-BP Statement : TreeHugger
YouTube - The Blue Whale
Underwater Thrills:Swimming With Sharks
ocean noise
Supreme Court Hears Case to Stop Sonar Testing That Tortures and Kills Whales | Animal Law Coalition
Winter v. Natural Res. Def. Council (NRDC) (07-1239) | LII / Legal Information Institute
NRDC v. Winter -- Green Trumps the Blue and Gold -- National Security Takes a Back Seat to Natural Resources : ACOEL
Human noise pollution in ocean can lead fish away from good habitats and off to their death
Ocean Noise and Marine Mammals
Winter v. NRDC « The Conservation Report
YouTube - Alligators and whales vs. humans - BBC
animals and trade
Canadian MPs put seal meat on parliament's menu in rebuff to EU | World news | The Guardian
exotics and global demand
Chinese Medicine | Bear Bile
World Cup 'Vulture Smoking' Theatens Rare Birds - Gamblers smoke birds' brains; bird lovers sqawk
BBC News - Illegal bushmeat 'rife in Europe'
organizations and institutions
Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare | University of Guelph
OIPA International Organization for Animal Protection
Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali
marine life
Jellyfish, Jellies, Medusa: 10 Amazing Facts
Investigations - Food and Farming - Eating insects: a solution to the meat problem? - The Ecologist
Animal Inventory Blog
Practical Ethics
Pics to use
32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die: Pics, Videos, Links, News
other (needs sorting)
We can build whatever animal you want to eat, say scientists | News.com.au
On Demonizing Animal Killers « Animal Rights & AntiOppression
Classroom canines stimulate children's love of literacy | e! Science News
On Human-Nonhuman Relations: A Few Thoughts on Whether Animal Welfare Campaigns—and Many Animal Welfare Organisations—are necessary.
The Army Does <em>What</em> to Live Animals? - Planet Green
Once Banned, Dogs Reflect China’s Rise - NYTimes.com
A map of Jack Kirby's sentient dolphin utopia
The Rise of the Power Vegans - BusinessWeek
Odd Animal Pairs - Cute Mothering Animals at WomansDay.com
Blind German Spitz dog uses echoes to find his way round | swns.com
My Dog Tulip | An Animated Movie for Adults
Death Aquatic (Practical Ethics)
These rats are the world's cutest bomb squad
Excerpt: Good Meat by Deborah Krasner
Wolf catches a salmon using fishing technique copied from bear | Mail Online
Stefano Unterthiner Photography : Animals Face to Face - COLT + RANE
International Animal-Law |
On War: Animals in War | Plog — World news photography, Photos — The Denver Post
Dailymotion - endangered species in your plate - Animals
Audubon Magazine
Melanie Joy is Changing the Way We Think About Eating Animals (Interview) - Planet Green
Robot Be Good: A Call for Ethical Autonomous Machines: Scientific American
Basel Declaration defends animal research : Nature News
Dead Cow Walking | Psychology Today
New Proof that AWA Standards Rank Among the Best in U.S. | Animal Welfare Approved
Netflix: DogTown: Season 1: Second Chances
Lab Meat? | NOVA scienceNOW | PBS Video
What explains the ascendance of Homo sapiens? Start by looking at our pets - The Boston Globe
Advocacy Group Decries PETA's Inhumane Treatment Of Women | The Onion - America's Finest News Source | Onion News Network
Netflix: Animals Are Beautiful People
Jonathan Safran Foer Debates Anthony Bourdain
Unpopular Vegan Essays: On Advocacy Media Preferences
Animal-Abuse Registries: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? - Law Blog - WSJ
Saudis Declare Vulture Innocent of Espionage | The Atlantic Wire
What Can Squid Hear? And Why Does It Matter? : TreeHugger
If Sarah Palin Were an Animal Rights Activist, She’d Be Convicted of “Terrorism” »
How NOT to Inspire More People to Go Vegan « Vegans of Color
Animal Law Blog: Horse meat back on the table
Wikileaks: US Offered to Block anti-Whaling Protesters | Informed Comment
Veganism is Unnatural–But Proof of Human Exceptionalism » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Mother Jones loves sustainability, except when there's delicious, fancy food involved - vegansaurus! · San Francisco based Vegan Guide, IT'S AWESOME.
WAMU_132681961.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
Advocates for Agriculture: Summit of the Horse
Human Exceptionalism: Is It Ethical To Ride a Horse to Death to Save a Human Life? » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Canadians Sue Over Loose Moose - Injured Newfoundland drivers launch class-action suit
Swiss Village: Pay Dog Tax, or We Kill Fido - That's one way to get residents to pay...
Conscious Entities » Blog Archive » Octopus consciousness
The screaming of the lambs : Pharyngula
Cognitio - Nonhuman Minds: Animal, Artificial or Other Minds | Call for Papers
PETA's Weirdest Stunts of the Year - From chicken costumes to fake blood, it was another vocal year
Michael Vick Did Not Commit “Homicide”–Does Not Deserve “Execution” » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Barack Obama Is a Michael Vick Fan? | The Atlantic Wire
“Beef is Good For You”
Pollan, Elitism, and Effective Advocacy
Dog Has a Vocabulary of 1,022 Words
Is grass-fed beef better for the environment? - By Brian Palmer - Slate Magazine
Marginal Revolution: *Kosher Nation*
Even animals as simple as fruit flies have free will
Cannibal cuisine « Mind Hacks
Defending Foie Gras
400,000 Baby Chicks Killed By Bankrupt Poultry Farm : TreeHugger
FORA.tv - Dr. Anne Pusey: The Leakey Foundation
PETA’s Shelter Dogs Ad
Teaching Computers To Be More Empathetic : NPR
Commodifying Wildlife? World Bank Launches Market Scheme for Endangered Species
Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Would you blow up a mountain to save a bird species? | The green side of Jonathan Franzen and ‘Freedom’ | Grist
The Free-Range Albatross
Rats Necessary in Tinnitus Research–Teach Us About Working of Brain » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Euthanasia Mass Grave Grim Reminder That Human Exceptionalism Necessary For “Never Again” » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Chinese Activists Call Canada Racist For Selling Seal Meat : TreeHugger
Fish Hold Their Own Against College Students in Numbers Challenge | The Atlantic Wire
Tagging Harms Penguins: Study - Flipper tags affects survival, reproduction
Four Million Animals and Counting Buried Alive in South Korea
Hunter Becomes Hunted: A Fox Shoots a Man
Internet-controlled shotguns are the high-tech, extremely illegal solution to hog infestation
Why Chimps Are Still Necessary in Research » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
FORA.tv - Moe Flannery: Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Genetically Modified Chickens That Do Not Spread Avian Flu » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
China Bans Animal Circuses - And no more monkey meat on the human menus at zoos
PETA Accused of Planting Spy to Make Animal Park Look Bad–A Classic Animal Rights Ploy » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
New Book: Critical Theory and Animal Liberation | Continental Philosophy
Whitewash, by Joseph Keon: A Review
Truly sustainable meat eaters choose rabbit [VIDEO] | Grist
The Volokh Conspiracy » When a Horse is More than Just a Horse, and Also Qualifies as a “Vehicle”
Chavez Whines About 'Little Hugo' Dog in Colombian Soap - TV company ordered to yank 'shameless' program
AgWired » Blog Archives » Average Cattleman Explains Farm Life To HSUS President
How animals made us human - Drake Bennett - boston.com - RichardDawkins.net
What Are Species Worth? Putting a Price on Biodiversity by Richard Conniff : Yale Environment 360
Should Societal Values Be Considered When Placing Animals on the Endangered Species List? : TreeHugger
Commodifying Wildlife? World Bank Launches Market Scheme for Endangered Species
The Dogs Are Alright | Need To Know | PBS Video
Study explores how blindfolded dolphins can 'see' - Pets. Animals. - Salon.com
Sussing Out Simians: Humans Can Accurately Size Up a Chimp's Personality after Viewing Its Face: Scientific American
Guest Blog: Can you hear me now? Animals all over the world are finding interesting ways to get around the human din
Utah Law Would OK Shooting Homeless Animals - Animal rights organizations outraged
Formal portraits with animals - Boing Boing
Making Hay: Ending the Cycle of Violence
Lion Tacos Will Never Make It to The Menu » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
My Family and Other Animals - Brainstorm - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Gorilla Walks Upright, Just Like Humans - Video of Britain's 'Ambam' is YouTube sensation
Australia's Fighting Dogs - A War Dog Photo Essay | Foreign Policy
Coyotes Take to Chicago - WSJ.com
9 People Who Have Lived with Animals, Changing Our View Forever (Slideshow) : TreeHugger
Advocates for Agriculture: SDSU Students Study Unwanted Horse Issues
In Wake of Dog Execution: Is Killing Animals Ever OK? | The Atlantic Wire
In China, Bunny Frenzy Breeds Trouble - Buyers scramble for lucky but troublesome pets for Year of the Rabbit
The Truth About Dogs - 99.07
Artificial Intelligent Computers Would be Tools, Not Moral Beings » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
On Human-Nonhuman Relations: When Animal Advocates Try to Regulate Atrocities.
koiranomistajan10kaskya.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x849 pixels)
Animals Make Friends, Too : Discovery News
My Face Is On Fire: Mark Bittman Disses Oprah (and I in Turn Diss Mark Bittman)
Whatcha Thinkin About? | Seriously Cute
Transhumanists Launch Campaign for Animal Personhood » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Animal Welfare Debate Fires Up in Germany : TreeHugger
The great animal rights betrayal - Nature, Environment - The Independent
Dogs Aren't Dinner--and Pigs Shouldn't Be Either - Adam Phillips - Food - The Atlantic
Absolutely Amazing Dog Photos from Tim Flach
Green Sense: Jaws Never Return poster | Ads of the World
Anthropocentrism: All of God's Special Little Snowflakes : Pharyngula
Human Exceptionalism: Getting Rid of HE As a Means of Dumping God » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
YouTube - Ask Your Doctor About Meat™
Maxx, a 'Registered Therapy Dog,' Goes Everywhere, on False Pretenses - WSJ.com
Belief in Human Exceptionalism Only Real Protection of Human Subjects in Research » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Horrific US Medical Experiments Come to Light
Culture No Defense for Cruelty - Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation
Elephants Outwit Humans During Intelligence Test : Discovery News
Monkey in the Mirror: Scientific American
Green Is the New Red — Book Trailer
Chickens are capable of feeling empathy, scientists believe - Telegraph
Couple Denied Adoption Because They're Vegetarian : TreeHugger
Human Exceptionalism: Review of The Moral Lives of Animals Says Author Seeks to Diminish Humanity » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Stunning Nude Photography Explores Industrial Pig Farming : TreeHugger
I’ve got a good food story to tell: yours [VIDEO] | Grist
Defensive Omnivore Bingo
Legal Theory Blog: Brooks on Respect for Nature & Species Egalitarianism
How Close is Non-Human Primate Cognition to Humans?
Animal Legal Defense Fund : Cut "It" Out!
It started with a shrew... study maps the primate family tree - Steve Connor, Science Editor - The Independent - RichardDawkins.net
36 Bizarre Group Names For Animals: Pics, Videos, Links, News
What do we mean by the “rights” of the nonhuman person?
Nathan Runkle Connects Gay Rights to Animal Rights
AgWired » Blog Archives » I Am Angus Spotlights Temple Grandin
Netflix: How Smart are Animals?: Nova scienceNOW
Millions of Puppy Mummies Unearthed in Egypt - They likely came from ancient puppy mills
Farm To Fridge Tour Videos
In Memory of Polar Bear Superstar Knut (30 Pic Tribute)
We're All Animals: A Fantastic Interview with Gary Francione
THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE [trailer] on Vimeo
Real-Time Eagle Cam (with warning) - Brainstorm - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Tornados Wiped Out Much of Alabama’s Chicken Industry
5 Disgusting and Depressing Stories of Captive Animal Abuse : TreeHugger
What Happens When the World is Vegan? Peta's Infographic : TreeHugger
Making a case for animal rights - City of Buffalo - The Buffalo News
YouTube - klaatu42's Channel
Bow wow! Some war dogs even have titanium fangs - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 - cbs8.com
Longleat Safari Park visitors warned as meerkats develop human feet fetish | Mail Online
Calif. School First to Ban Dissections in Software Deal - Students to use free anatomy software instead of frogs
FORA.tv - Does Understanding Evolution Help Us Understand Ethics?
32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die: Pics, Videos, Links, News

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