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Animal Rights and Animal Welfare (Fall 2010)

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Animal Rights and Animal Welfare: An Animal Studies Seminar (46:331)

Course Syllabus: Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, Sharpless, Fall 2010 syllabus, revised 8.15.odt


Class notes to date


Using this Page:  We will primarily use this page to compile and examine current events assignments. Assignments are due by Wednesday evening and should pertain to the regions or topics discussed since the last assignment. The articles you find should generally be short enough for people to have a chance to browse them, but long enough that we can learn from them. A partial-page Economist article is a good length. In order to receive credit for each assignment, you need to do one of the following two things: 1) write a short paragraph in the comments section of this page explaining why this article or piece caught your attention, and how you think it relates to our studies, or 2) write a short paragraph (or more, if you want) in the comments section of another student's post. You are of course free to do both; this forum is meant to be interactive, and you should feel free to comment however and wherever you want on the pbworks page.




Relevant Assignment Dates

Date Session Name Assignment Resources
Wild Animals, day 2
Short Paper  
Short paper guidelines here
Research Animals, day 1
Research Paper Outline
long paper guidelines here
Activism in Social Context
Research Paper Rough Draft 
no class
Research Paper



Thursday Upload Dates

Date Session Name Assignment
Companion Animals
1st upload
Student NGO exercise
2nd upload
Animals as Ethical Subjects, day 2
3rd upload
Animal Consciousness
4th upload
5th upload
Animals as Food, day 1
6th upload
Animals as Food, day 3
7th upload
Research Animals, day 2
8th upload
Animal Law, day 2
9th upload
12/2 Navy Sonar and Cetaceans 10th upload
12/9 Other "Animals and..." Issues 11th upload




Course readings (day by day, as posted on the main page)


Course Links (day by day, as shown in class)


Course link archive

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