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[A note to any visitors - this wiki is no longer in operation, as I am no longer an adjunct at UML. I am leaving it up as a resource for any and all who might benefit from access to the links, outlines, and reading notes compiled herein.]


Introduction to Political Thought (Spring 2012)

  • Syllabus here
    • Paper formatting guidelines here
  • Archive of links here
  • Readings to date here
    • Class notes also available here...
  • Course links to date here


Tues. May 1 - Student Choice: Electoral Systems & Reform


Thur. May 3 - Last Day of Class: Focus on Final Study Guide


Thur. May 10, at 11:30 - Final Exam (in our regular room)



Links on Electoral Systems & Reform


 One of the more well-documented vote-seat discrepancies - more here







The Politics of Food (Spring 2012)


Thur. Apr. 26 – Pollan and the Food Movement: Reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, day 1

  • Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma: read the first half (chapters 1-10), focusing on your chapter of choice - but do read more than just that one chapter. This really is a book that should be read as a whole, and not just in snippets.

  • Between 30-60 minutes of this class will be set aside to discuss research methods. Please come prepared to discuss any research questions—whether methodological or topical—you might have. 
  • And if you get a chance, do at least browse this piece, which is critical of both Pollan and Salatin: http://www.upc-online.org/thinking/green_eggs.html 
  • Research paper guidelines (to be distributed in class): Food Politics, Spring 2012, Research Paper Guidelines.pdf
  • Eleventh pbworks upload: Spring 2012 Food Politics, Eleventh Pbworks Upload

    • Focus on the chapter you signed up for (email me if you forgot which one...)


 Thur. May 3 – The Omnivore's Dilemma, day 2


No later than (but preferably before!) May 15 - final deadline to hand in research papers (by email)


Instead of providing links and course notes for the last two weeks, I'd like to focus on your uploads, and particularly on the text itself. Do bring The Omnivore's Dilemma to class, and come prepared to discuss some specific passages in detail.


In the news








Introduction to Political Thought (Fall 2011)

Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2011)

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare (Summer 2011)

Introduction to Political Thought (Spring 2011)

Introduction to Environmental Studies (Spring 2011)

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare (Fall 2010) 

Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall 2010)

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare (Summer II 2010)

Introduction to Environmental Studies (Spring 2010)

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Introduction to Environmental Studies (Fall 2009)

Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall 2009)   

Other files and folders


Wed. Feb. 16 – Thomas Hobbes and Immanuel Kant: Social Contract Theory, day 1

First pbworks upload due here: Fall 2011 Political Thought, First Upload

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